What books would you recommend?

Please share what you are reading or have read lately. What do you like about it? Would you recommend it to others? Please include books about parenting, family, lifestyle and home! We’d love to share your suggestions!


7 thoughts on “What books would you recommend?

  1. I recently read “Running the Edge” by Adam Goucher & Tim Catalano. I am a runner and this is a running book. But it is also so much more. It is about life and about striving to do our best in all areas of our life.

  2. I finished “Scars” by Cheryl Rainfield last night. It was a powerful story of a teen-ager who is dealing with the effects of sexual abuse when she was younger and who cuts herself as an unhealthy method of dealing with the pain.

    • Did you like it? I found it really compelling. It fit into my “dark” genre this summer. I never knew how much the abusers can influence their memories like that. I don’t want to give the identify of the abuser away but were you surprised?

  3. It was an intensely difficult book to read because the subject matter hits very close to home. I had a feeling who the abuser would be part-way through but was shocked at his reaction when confronted.

  4. Both my husband and I (a retired police captain) read The Badge, the Street and the Cop: A Lance Lapore Fictional Memoir by Leo LePage. My husband actually worked with the author and found the novel riveting. He couldn’t put it down. My husband starting working with the police department in the 70s. This author wrote about being a police officer in the 60s and 70s…during the riots. A great read for any police officer of family member of a police officer from any department.

  5. I just finished reading Anne Lamott’s “Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith”. I’ve read several of her books and Anne Lamott is one of my favorite writers. She is open about being a recovering alcoholic and drug addict and often talks about her faith in God and the support of her church having saved her. Those who know me know I have a messy complicated relationship with religion and, if you start preaching to me, I’m gonna run the other way cringing. Do not let the title of her book or the subject matter put you off if you are in the same camp. She is folksy, funny, and down to earth. I tend at times to be loony and neurotic and my mind often takes off in this crazy not good direction and drags me along unwillingly for the ride. She is similar and finds humor in this whacky human tendency and manages to laugh at herself for it, all the while finding love and goodness in all the not always good situations of life and people. When I am off down a crazy tangent of a dark and deserted back alley filled with stinky dumpsters and scary stray cats lurking inthe shadows, reading her always helps center me and makes me laugh… laughter always being the best medicine! If you’ve not read any of her books, I highly recommend them!

  6. I’m currently reading Flowertown. I got it on loan for free through my trial Prime membership; I was about 60% finished. I hooked up my wifi to sync my Kindle for another book I just purchased and whoops…there it went. My free month of Prime membership ended and with it Flowertown disappeared. I’m far enough into the book and like it enough that I have to purchase it…so frustrating!!

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