Jenn’s Review of Confessions: A Memoir by Jodie Rhodes

I just finished a relatively quick read, Confessions: A Memoir by Jodie Rhodes. This was one of the free books I received from Ebookfling. Well, I must say I’m glad it was a freebie, because I’m pretty sure I would have been disappointed if I had paid for it. I’m not saying it didn’t have its redeeming qualities, but it did little to keep my attention.

I’m sure my less than stellar review of this book will have absolutely no impact, so I’d like to post it. I want to make sure I’m not only posting about the books that I love…and I’m only one opinion.

Whereas the book started with what seemed to be an interesting concept, I got lost in her retelling of her numerous jobs and failed relationships ~ mostly with married men. It got confusing, especially when she would jump back and forth in her timeline. I also found myself getting frustrated when she would forebode her failure/bad decisions before she told her stories. I found myself speed reading just to finish the book. I got bored.

I guess I should find it endearing that she offered up opportunities for fledgling writers to submit their work to her as an editor, but I found it misplaced.

I am disappointed that I didn’t fully enjoy the book. The author seems like a really smart, strong and savvy business women…although I looked back and there was not one passage that I highlighted. That to me is a sign of a really good book, knowing I walked away taking a little something with me. On to my next read…


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