What’s in your workout mix?

Feel Good, Inc.

Even though this blog is primary geared towards books, I welcome conversation about any kind of media, including movies and music. I know it’s not just reading that can affect our mind, our mood, and our souls.

The other day when I was working out, I started thinking about my workout mix on my Ipod. Why do I choose the songs that I choose? Generally, I choose upbeat songs that “pump me up”. I find myself quickening my pace and get just a little more energy to be able to push through my workout. However, if that same song consists of a repetitive beat…say towards the end, I feel my energy waning.

Going through my workout mix, I realize that I not only pick upbeat songs, but ones that evoke a fun memory or a good feeling. They are probably songs that you wouldn’t normally find on a workout mix, but they just make me feel good…and isn’t that what working out is all about?

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Here are some of the songs in my workout mix, and why:

New Shoes by Paolo Nutini ~ I just love the beat…can’t sit still

Morning after Dark by Timbaland ~ Makes me want to go out and dance

It Feels so Good by Sonique ~ Reminds me of when I first moved to Florida and danced on the benches at our local bar

Alive by SR-71 ~ Reminds me of my “groupie days” when I was living near Baltimore (loved you guys!!!)

Beautiful Dream by Adam Ant ~ Great memories… and it makes me forget that I’m probably a sweaty mess when I’m working out 😉

Take your Momma Out by Scissor Sisters ~ Makes me want to play the air drums on the elliptical machine

Higher by Creed ~ Makes me want to drive 100 miles/hr on the California freeway

You’ve Got the Music in You by The New Radicals ~ Reminds me of my favorite traveling RN assignment in Phoenix, AZ

Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz – How can you not move to this beat?

Let Me Clear My Throat by DJ Kool ~ Reminds me of dancing my #$% off in college!!

Well, I could go on but I will cease for now…because now I just want to go out dancing…or maybe I should just go work out ;-). What’s in your workout mix?

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