Dana Stabenow – Recommended by Susan

My friend Susan strongly recommends Dana Stabenow books, especially her Kate Shugak series.  She got the first one in the series as a free Kindle download and ended up reading the next 18 all in order.  You can read them separately but it makes more sense if you do them in order.  They take place in Alaska and Kate is an investigator and a native Alaskan torn at times with some of her traditional heritage.  She hunts and there are even some good cooking tips and survival tips.  But mostly you get so wrapped up in the characters you feel like you are part of the community.

There is a lot to discuss in them from relationships with kids, guys, friends, parents, your community and what you need to have a full and satisfying life.  Her constant companion is her dog named Mutt who is part wolf —but only part!  They are set in different locations around Alaska at different times of the year.  The plots are different, nothing contrived about them.  Thanks for the recommendation Susan!

English: Dana Stabenow, author

English: Dana Stabenow, author (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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