Great historical read!

I’d like to showcase my friend Chris Pagliuco’s first book, The Great Escape of Edward Whalley and William Goffe: Smuggled through Connecticut.

The story follows the journey of Parlimentarians Whalley and Goffe, who, along with John Dixwell, waged war against Charles I during the English civil wars. When the king was killed in 1660 and Charles’ son took over, they were charged with regicide, and fled to the Colonies, leaving behind families and homeland, forever it turned out for Whalley and Goffe.

Pagliuco takes his readers crisply along on the journey, with a sense of urgency and pleasant readability… murder, intrigue, fugitives on the lam… bigtime heroes and bigtime villains.”

I’ve also posted his blog site under “Sites I follow”. For the historical buffs (and Connecticut natives) it’s a great find! Enjoy!


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